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Welcome to our hometown Qaqortoq and region in South Greenland.

South Greenland is an unique part of the Arctic Island of Greenland, with great contrasts between chilly glaciers and green valleys. There are plenty of ice in the fiords with both giant icebergs from the local glaciers as well as enormous amounts of  ”Grand Ice”, pack ice from the North Pole, dominating our region in spring and early summer; May and June. This ”Wide White World” of the Grand Ice is an experience of a lifetime.

Qaqortoq, often described as the most beautiful town in Greenland, has a picturesque setting, between the fiord of Qaqortoq and the lake of Tasersuaq. The town is separated in two parts by a creek from Tasersuaq Lake. Most of the colourful houses have ”million dollar views”, with a fantastic view over the fiord or lake. Houses with small Arctic Gardens are to be seen here and there, with flowers, small trees and vegetable gardens. The more than 200 years old houses in the town centre, from the colonial era, has been maintained as an active part of town, with different businesses and institutions – please notice our old beautiful fountain and the stone sculptures and stone carvings, “Stone & Man”, which are scattered around town.

Our town has good accommodation facilities, and good food is to be experienced at our cosy restaurants.

Many of our creeks and small rivers has excellent angling opportunities, especially Arctic Char – and many anglers come to our region year after year… Also game hunting is possible, especially in the northern part of our region. Furthermore, South Greenland and the Qaqortoq region is ideal for hiking.

Eric the Red and his fellows came first as guests, as the tourists today – but he decided to stay and settled, creating the connection of Greenland to the Nordic countries. Numerous ruins from the Norse culture in the Middle Ages are scattered around the fiords, from the mighty church ruin in Hvalsø to small stone pens in the mountains.

The Inuit culture has thousand years of history in South Greenland, and the hunters are still the backbone of the old culture. The hunters are the suppliers of fresh, healthy meat and fish for the local diet as well as for skins/hides for our national costumes and warm winter fur coats. You are able to observe the daily life of the hunters in the centre of Qaqortoq, at the local fish market where the daily catch are being sold.

The Sheep Farmers are living on isolated farms, in the deep fiords, and they represent an important part of our cultural heritage. It is a mixed culture between the Nordic Countries and Greenland, which has developed since the late 1700s. It is possible to visit farms, and transport, accommodation and food can be arranged.

But, one again – Welcome – We are looking forward to show you our wonderful region, and we will see to that your visit will be an experience of a lifetime…

So, please contact us  – and we will assist with the details for a fantastic stay…

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