Greenland Sagalands

Tourism company in South Greenland, situated in the regional centre of Qaqortoq.

As one of the top cruise ship destinations in Greenland, we are servicing a number of cruise companies calling Qaqortoq. Further more, we are having a souvenir shop, where souvenir items, art and handicrafts can be found.

Greenland Sagalands is located centrally in the town of Qaqortoq, with a souvenir shop and office right next to the pier for the cruise ship guests.
The company are supplying a number of products, with boat excursions around the region, guided tours on land, cultural events and lectures etc.

The company is employing a number of empoyees during the busy summer season, and employ year round a Tourism Manager and Cruise Coordinator. Greenland Sagalands is a private limited company, a local, family-owned company, owned by Pitsi & Kenneth Høegh. Mr Minik Dahl Høegh (Denmark) is the chairman of the board.

The foundation of the company is the local community, and it is our goal to develop tourism as a product focusing on quality and a local foundation  – in close cooperation with local business partners, artists and other resource persons; all in respect for our old culture and traditions.

CEO/Cruise Coordinator
Pitsi Høegh

Greenland Sagalands A/S – Qaqortoq Tourist Service
Vatikanbakken 68
Box 128

Tlf. +299 64 24 44  /  +299 64 24 80
Fax +299 64 24 95

Company Board:

Board Member                Mr Minik Dahl Høegh
Board Member                Mrs Pitsi Høegh
Board Member                Ms Julie Berthelsen


Here are the faces of Greenland Saglands. We welcome you to Qaqortoq.

Pitsi Høegh

Ceo & Cruise Coordinator

Pitsi has all the coordination for Cruise Ships that ports Qaqortoq.
Please don’t hesitate to contact her if any questions.

Naja Høegh

Secretary & Coordinator

Naja is the one coordinating your trip and makes everything possible.

Minik Dahl Høegh

Webmaster & board member

Webmanager & chairman of the board.

Sagalands Charter

We believe that the boat tours we offer gives our guests great deal of adventurous experience. We have two types of boats with very high safety. Both are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority. Sagalands Charter work with us to deliver the best experience on your travel

Boat types

We have two main boats we use. Targa 25 (Indoor) and a RIB boat (Open) from Pro-Safe. Both boats has a very high safety level. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your experience adventurous.