About Qaqortoq

Qaqortoq is known for being The pearl of South Greenland. 
Perhaps the most charming and beautiful city in Greenland. 
Its certainly worth a visit during summer.

Nature in South Greenland is very unique. That has 
been acknowledged by our many tourists. 
There are many places to visit  in South Greenland if you want to 
go out and experience nature. Qassiarsuk, Igaliku and 
Upernaviarsuk are among our coveted experiences. 

One can experience nature at sea with one of our exclusive tours, 
generally experiences and 
large excursion opportunities in Qaqortoq and environs. 

There is scope for hiking, fishing, see agriculture 
among other things in our experimental station Upernaviarsuk or 
from one of the sheep farmers. You can even experience 
sea and nature in sea kayaking. 

On your own, there is the opportunity to see the fresh 
waterfalls, smell the fresh breath of wind, beautiful 
environment of mountains and the clear ice cubes in the ocean. 

Outside the city, we have boat trips to destinations that are the 
most coveted by our visitors such as: 
- The hot springs - Ice Cap 
- Whale Watching - Hvalsey church ruins.

Here you have plenty of opportunity to get an experience 
for life. Enjoy!