Project Description

Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland


About this tour

Qaqortoq is South Greenland’s educational center, with a
business school, a high school and other institutions. The
city was founded in 1774 by Anders Olsen on behalf of the
Royal Greenland Trading Company (KGH). Our city tour
starts among the old houses of the colonial quarter and then
takes us to the fish and meat market, where we hear about
the conditions faced by today’s fishermen and hunters,
Greenlandic culinary traditions, etc. We then proceed to the
old church from 1832 – “Annaasisitta Oqaluffia” (The Church
of Our Savior) – and hear about the history of Christianity in
Greenland. Afterwards, we visit the city’s administrative
buildings and your guide tells you something about the island’s
political system. Throughout our tour, there will be a number of
opportunities to see the famous “Stone & Man” exhibition, a
project that was initiated by local painter and sculptor Aka Høegh,
who worked with visiting Nordic artists to create over 30 exterior
stone sculptures.

Periods: all year round
Duration: 1½ hours
Minimum: 3 persons

NOTE! Remember to bring your own beverages!