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Sermersuaq means “ice cap” in Greenlandic. The Greenland ice cap has become the focus of a great deal of attention around the world amid growing concerns over global climate change. Our trip takes us to “Qalerallit Sermia,” near our neighboring city of Narsaq. Sea ice conditions permitting, we sail right up to the shore, where you can walk on land (20 min.) exposed by the retreating ice and touch the ice cap.

Notice how incredibly small one feels in comparison to this enormous sheet of ice that covers 80% of Greenland. When you see the ice, you will probably find it somewhat hard to believe that it is in danger of disappearing due to the warmer climate. You may want to bring a bottle of whiskey and enjoy the view along with the unique popping sound of ice cubes taken from the glacier. As the ice melts in your glass, it releases countless air bubbles that have been trapped for thousands of years.
The experience of a lifetime!

Period: July – mid-September

Duration: 4 hours

If a storm or pack ice prevents us from reaching our final destination (force majeure), no compensation will be paid.

Remember to bring your own beverages!

NOTE! Prices will be updated late 2018 for the season 2019.

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