Project Description


South Greenland offers outstanding opportunities for hiking trips. There are roughly 50 sheep farms in the area, many of which offer overnight accommodation at reasonable prices. You can start your trip at the international airport in Narsarsuaq, then continue to Qassiarsuk and stay with a number of sheep farming families as you make your way to your final destination, Narsaq. Or you can start in Qaqortoq, where we can take you by boat to Qanisartuut in connection with our Hvalsø trip. This is the perfect starting point for a hike through breathtakingly beautiful country. In some places, it is possible to be driven by car or to rent a horse. If you have fishing tackle with you, there are many rivers where you can fish for arctic char. Remember to bring along a hiking map, which can be purchased at the airport or at tourist shops. Let us help you plan your trip by coordinating it with our sailing schedule to Hvalsø.

Good advice for hiking trips: Plan your trip before you begin. Take along good hiking boots, waterproof and windproof light clothing, mosquito nets, matches and perhaps a bit of fishing line. It’s possible to get a connection with a mobile phone in many places, particularly from the tops of hills and mountains.

Periods: May – September

Price: depends on how the trip is organized